Homemade Dumplings 

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Our Delicious Story 

Similar to Italian culture, where granny’s homemade pasta is the best. In Chinese culture, our grandma’s dumpling recipes are also the best.

We are two cooks that live locally. One from Dublin and the other all the way from China. We met and bonded over our shared love for cooking and eating our favourite dish, dumplings. After sharing recipes and many dozens of dumplings, it wasn’t long before we decided to combine our kitchen experience and passion for good quality healthy food, and to take a leap of faith by opening up our first dumpling shop.

We’ve taken grandma’s recipes and added a couple of twists and tweaks of our own. Most importantly, we developed a special mix of flour to ensure our dumpling skins are not too thin or thick , hard or soft, and contain just the right texture when biting into the juicy dumplings. 

Even though all our dumplings are handmade from scratch in our kitchen, we still try offer a large variety of dumplings to make sure we have something for everyone. In addition to our beloved dumplings, we also put lots of love and time into our meats. We make our crispy pork belly with Ma’s homemade Chinese style BBQ sauce, Cantonese style sticky, sweet roast pork belly, Taiwanese style crispy chicken seasoned with basil and Vietnamese style grilled chicken.

handmade dumplings skins to ensure al dente texture